Hello, it’s me.. Most call me Macy, others call me Mace Face, macerdonia, and other ridiculous nicknames that make me smile.

I have always lived paycheck to paycheck. This is because I thought I was going to be so far in debt from medical school, there wasn’t any point to saving money.  And even though I managed three jobs for the last three years, I really had nothing to show for it, but a giant ass from drinking margs and eating salsa (not sad about that either). I was not miserable, I was happy, but it was also an extremely stupid way to manage my money. The moment that it all changed for me was when I was accepted into St. George’s University School of Medicine. I had large deposits to pay to secure my spot. Not only that, I didn’t know how I was going to pull off expensive island life. I went to my dear friend, fellow blogger, and the closest thing I have to a financial adviser, Jamie Warcken. Here’s a link to her blog if you want to know more about her lifestyle: https://thehardlywarckens.com.

She helped me set up a budget, and she had me look at my expenses and where my money went the last two months, and I was all but lighting it on fire. Now, I feel ready for med school with my deposits paid, and I feel more than comfortable budgeting my money. Not only that, my summer was the greatest I have ever had, and I never once felt like I was suffering by saving more money. I fell in love with national parks (8 visited, 51 to go) and nature. I learned how to spend less money, so that I can travel more.  I am #forevergrateful for meeting Jamie Warcken and soaking up all the valuable knowledge she has shared with me. She helped me change my life for the better.

Changing my lifestyle made me realize I would rather have road trips than chips and salsa. I still enjoy Mexican food, I just enjoy it less frequently. It feels good to no longer live paycheck to paycheck.

August 7th I head to Grenada in the Caribbean to study medicine. I have never traveled internationally, but I am thrilled, a little nervous, and mostly excited for this change of scenery. Tears of joy often occur when I think about how lucky I am to pursue a career in medicine, my dream.

I’ve always wanted to blog, and this was the year I made it happen. I look forward to documenting my travels and my journey to becoming a physician. I utilize blogs for traveling (to pick what hikes and what to do) and to also seek inspiration and guidance for medical school. I’ve stumbled onto some incredible blogs of medical students that have helped me prepare for the unknown, and I hope that mine can one day do the same. I plan on taking all the bubble baths before I leave and spending as much time with Harper (my niece), family and friends, as possible.

Initiative. That was vital to my success this year. One day, or day one, you choose. Every moment counts, and I am here to make the most of my time. I have also worked on choosing what’s best for me, and not for others. When you work so much and so hard (100+ hours per week), it’s very important to prioritize necessity from desire, and I’m sure that will continue in medical school. I’m still working on pleasing people less and choosing what’s best for me, unapologetically.

My motto for med school and the rest of the year is choosing me, so that I may be my best self for others. My life plan for the rest of year includes bi-weekly adventures on the island, budgeting, improving personal health, mental sanity, and learning to learn, not for the grade.

I appreciate everyone that takes the time to read this, and I am excited for this new adventure.