Why I Chose Caribbean Medicine

Pictured above is St. George’s University in Grenada where I am attending medical school in the fall.

Today gave me clarity. I tell people that I am going to the Caribbean for medical school, and most of the time people ask the same question first. WHY?

At first, I was taken back by this question, almost offended. I don’t ask other future medical students why they chose their university, and most of the time, it’s not even on a damn island. So why does it seem that people are concerned or judgmental of the fact that I am going to an island for medical school?

The hardest lesson I’ve learned in life, is doing what is best for me (or if you are reading this you!) For some stupid reason, I feel like I owe people an explanation. I am what people call a “people pleaser.” This means that I carry guilt with me over the stupidest, tiniest things. Things that don’t matter in the long scheme of things.

But today, I choose me. I choose what is best for me. I applied to both American D.O. schools and St. George’s University. I got into St. George’s University first. After this, I didn’t continue with my D.O. application; meaning I didn’t fill out or pay secondary applications. Why?

February 24, 2017 (four months ago) I was accepted into the School of Medicine program at SGU. The moment took my breath away, as this is what I have been working for my entire existence. No one can take that from me.

To all of you who want to know why I chose SGU… Not only do I get the opportunity to become a physician, but I get to gain real life experience in the meantime.

I get to live in another country. I get to experience culture. I get to gain independence. I get to invest in myself. I’m getting out of my comfort zone by completely removing myself from my current environment, and creating a new home. I get to travel! I get to live on a freakin’ island (its astonishing to me that people can even ask why knowing that it is in the Caribbean). I get to study in tropical paradise! I am aware of the time commitment of medical school, however I can’t wait to spend my little free time exploring the island. Can you imagine how much more self-reliant one would become by choosing a school in another country without their loved ones? I look forward to having friends around the world! I can’t wait to study my ass off. A dear friend of mine once told me, nothing in life that is easy is ever worth it. So I happily accept this challenge.

Side note: I am not discrediting those who chose a Medical School in America, I am simply telling my story. There is a negative stigma associated with Caribbean medicine, even though they have to pass the same boards to practice in America, and they go through the same curriculum.

At the end of the day, there will always be people who don’t understand your desire to push yourself to greatness, whether that be maintaining three jobs or choosing Caribbean medicine. Stay away from those people; they do not respect your grind. Even going to Northeastern State University, people would belittle my grades in classes like organic chemistry that I worked my ass off for, because it wasn’t OU or OSU. These same people, definitely weren’t enrolled in organic chemistry.

I genuinely believe that every experience in life, makes you who you are. I have not taken the traditional path of medicine. But I believe that this experience will do nothing but make me a better physician with compassion and empathy. I look forward to the road less traveled.

Today, and for the rest of this journey in life, I choose me. This is what is best for me, and I will not be sorry or feel ashamed.

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14 thoughts on “Why I Chose Caribbean Medicine

  1. Hellojustmeh!
    I am HUGELY jealous of you! And frankly I do not understand why other Med students aren’t jumping at the chance to go to SGU!!! They are the crazy ones!
    But mostly I’m freaking PROUD of you! I think it’s Awesome that I know you!!! And have known you most of your life! Go get what you want dear, hold your head high and don’t look back! You were made to chase your dreams and if you don’t you will always regret it. Go! Do! Learn! Enjoy!!!
    When you become a Dr. remember us little people. Love you dear.

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  2. Congratulations on your acceptance to medical school! I commend you for having the courage to live in a different country! Having moved to a new country and new culture for my first undergraduate degree many years ago, I can say that it is a great (yet challenging) experience and it really helped me to grow as a person and to become more open-minded. I wish you the very best on your journey through medical school!

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    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement! Where did you go for undergrad?!?!? I am beyond thrilled to explore a new country and experience their culture. I am from a small town in Oklahoma, and have recently been bit with the travel bug. I’m hoping to island hop and visit South Africa, as well. Thank you for the kind wishes. I look forward to reading about your future endeavors.

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      1. You’re most welcome! I was born and raised in Kenya and moved to Montreal in Canada (on my own!) for my undergrad. It was a big adjustment and there was some initial culture shock, but I’m so glad I did it. This is where I met my husband! Life is an adventure! Enjoy your travelling experiences!


  3. I envy you (maybe that isn’t the right word) and I admire the hell out of you. And I can’t wait to visit you there (hopefully). Love what you wrote here! Keep choosing you.

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