MIDWAY MASSAGE : Soothing Touch Massages Done by the Visually Impaired

Sitting at a cubicle or desk for the majority of your day is surprisingly hard on your butt and back. If I am not studying, I am eating, sleeping, or sitting in a desk at class for four hours at a time. The break from work is nice, but after completing almost half of the first semester medical school, my back was in need of some love and what better way to treat yourself than by getting a massage!

St. George’s University has a True Blue Campus and a Grand Anse Campus. Most of the medical students live on the True Blue Campus and attend classes there. But the Grand Anse campus is literally located on the Grand Anse beach (one of the world’s top beaches). The first day I went to Grand Anse I remember seeing the Soothing Touch Massage Clinic, and thinking I would need a massage at some time.

If you take the Grand Anse bus, it literally drops you off at the massage clinic, which is conveniently located on the Grand Anse Beach. All of us term one students just had our second exam of the semester on Monday. On Monday, I spent the day at the beach. Wednesday they give us the day “off” for advisory guidance. I chose to treat myself and get a massage at the soothing touch clinic. Students or anyone for that matter, may buy gift certificates at the book store on the True Blue campus.

I have had massages before, but this is best massage I have ever had. Soothing Touch Massage Clinic is unique in that their massage therapists are visually impaired. As stated on their flyer, it is scientifically proven that the visually impaired are specially suited for massage therapy due to their heightened sense of touch. I ended up buying the medical massage for an hour. It was 100 EC or about $38 US dollars. As fate would have it, I didn’t wear any underwear to my appointment, because I wore shorts. The first thing the massage therapist said to me was to take off everything but my underwear! Shit happens. I would also recommend not wearing any make up and putting your hair up so it doesn’t get in the way. Up to you if you want to wear underwear tho, LOL! Next time, I want to try the Swedish Massage. Adam did an excellent job giving me a massage. It was a unique experience. The hardest part of massage was when the treatment ended. I can’t wait to go back in November and get another massage! If you are just visiting Grenada, or go to school at SGU I definitely recommend treating yourself to a massage from these wonderful people.

Here’s a link to their Facebook with more information about their availability: https://www.facebook.com/soothingtouchgd/

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